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"Ring of fire" entry to the screensaverjam. This uses my existing screensaver/music visualizer framework so you get a few more old scenes bundled with this one as can be seen in the screenshots.

The ring of fire reacts to what your currently playing so use intense music for more effect.

It's built using GLSL shaders and is a full smoke/fire simulation where fuel and a high temperature is injected.This in turn burns and a blackbody temperature to color conversion is used to get it somewhat physically plausable. Lastly the usual bloom, hdr to ldr and gamma corrections are applied.

A computer with a fast graphics card is strongly recommended


Install instructions

Run the exe file to install the application as a screensaver.

To view just the "Ring of fire" start the configuration window from the start menu. Click "New playlist". Hover over the ring of fire scene and click the check mark in the bottom corner to add it to the playlist. Double click the scene to preview it.

Uninstall can be done though the windows control panel or from the start menu.


Plane9- 22 MB

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